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Tonights GIG!!!!!

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An Apple Beatle:
Hi All!!!
Just thought I'd share tonights set-list with you all. It's been tough keeping the show even this short. Wish most of you could be here to hear it. It's gonna be a cracker!!!!!!

The Apple Beatles Show Set List
1.   Sgt. Peppers
2.   Please Please Me
3.   A Hard Days Night
4.   You Cant Do That
5.   Cant Buy Me Love
6.   Norweigan Wood
7.   The Word
8.   Drive My Car
9.   Paperback Writer
10.    Help
11.    Taxman
12.    She Said
13.    Dr. Robert
14.    Helter Skelter
15.    Getting Better
16.    Ive Got A Feeling
17.    Come Together
18.    Dont Let Me Down
19.    Mean Mr. Mustard-The End (Abbey Rd Medley)
20.    Hey Jude

Sounds like a great set!

cool set 8)

nice! :-)

I hate Dr. Robert


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