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What did you think of the reissued Beatles catalog back in 1987?

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I want to ask you, as I was too young at the time (9), when the Beatles catalog was reissued on cd in 1987, what did you think? Did you like the sound? What did you think of the packaging and booklets? Did the whole thing meet your expectations?

HereĀ“s an old article from 2007:

it was nice to hear tracks like Long Long Long without the snap crackle & pop

but on the whole it was quite poorly done, they didn't sound good at all imo and no bonus tracks, the actual packaging also was poor, so on the whole Id say 5/10

Amazing for the worlds biggest group :(

Hello Goodbye:
The first album out on CD was Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band on 1 June 1987.  The advertisements read "It was twenty years ago today."

So I bought the CD and a SONY Discman D-5 that day.  The CD only came in STEREO.  I had the MONO LP.  As Kevin said, it was nice to hear the album without the pops but I thought my LP sounded better even when I played the CD through my stereo system.

The jewel box packaging was poor and unimaginative.  They would have done better to just put the CDs in miniature cardboard sleeves similar to the LPs but those boxes were all the rage.  It would be a while before we got box sets.

In those days, CDs were marked:

AAD- Analog recording, analog mastering, digital format i.e. CD
ADD- Analog recording, digitally remastered for CD
DDD- Digital recording, digitally mastered for CD

The 1987 Beatles catalog was AAD and in definite need of remastering.  We waited a long time for that.

I liked that the albums were coming to CD. They didnt sound great, but then again, i'm not a fan of the newest remasters either. As for packaging, its a CD and I see no issues with it. At least they came in jewel cases back then. Getting tough for that to even happen anymore.

They were okay, the packaging was bad.  A lot of stuff got left out.
I think the 2009s are a big improvement sonically especially the monos.  I just wish the stereos were true digipaks with trays so I made my own. 


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