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Astrid Kirchherr.

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I was just searching for images taken of the Beatles and various other and noticed that her book Hamburg Days is going for between £650.00 and £800.00.

I actually think she is an incredible photographer and wonder how many of the Liverpool scene did she actually take portraits of.

I have a book with pictures from Astrid, taken in February/March 1964 I think. I will look it up tonight.

The book I have is called Yesterday, The Beatles Once Upon A Time and contains pictures by Astrid and by Max Scheler. This:

The pictures are of The Beatles and crew during the filming of A Hard Day's Night, pictures of George and Ringo with their parents at home, The Escorts, The Rattles, Hessy's Music Store, The Undertakers, The Merseybeats, pictures taken in the Cavern Club, The Roadrunners and a famous picture of all the Liverpool musicians who answered Max's and Astrid's call to turn op at St. George's Hall, Liverpool. Really a great book!

i have this also Book

Thank you for the information.


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