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Been watching a dvr'd show called American Masters on John Lennon.  Fun to see new presentations of things I've heard or read many times but still new material gets interjected, amazing.

When they get up to Double Fantasy I started to feel the wave of saddness come up in me.  Wow.  Knowing the outcome should relieve some of the emotions, nope.

Good show overall.

I've watched both the Lou Reed (Rock 'n' Roll Heart) and the Bob Dylan (No Direction Home) episodes from this series and thought they were very well done. I'll be checking this one out. Thanks for the heads-up, blmeanie.

The actual film name is John Lennon NYC

Very much needed "light" moment at the end, had Hugh McCracken saying, "I played on Happy Xmas with John, I had played on Paul's Ram and John said to me, that he liked my work on Ram and that it had only been a rehearsal to play with him (John)."


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