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Hello little girl
 Hello little girl
 Hello little girl

When I see you everyday
 I say, mmm mmm, hello little girl
 When you're passing on your way
 I say, mmm mmm, hello little girl

When I see you passing by
 I cry, mmm mmm, hello little girl
 When I try to catch your eye
 I cry, mmm mmm, hello little girl

I send you flowers
 But you don't care
 You never seem to see
 Me standing there

I often wonder
 What you're thinking of
 I hope it's me
 And love, love, love

So I hope there'll come a day
 When you'll say, mmm mmm
 You're my little girl

It's not the first time
 That it's happened to me
 It's been a long, lonely time
 And it's so funny, funny to see
 That I'm about to lose my mi-mi-mind

So I hope there'll come a day
 When you'll say, mmm mmm
 You're my little girl, mmm mmm mmm
 You're my little girl, mmm mmm mmm
 You're my little girl, oh yeah
 You're my little girl

"Hello Little Girl" is the first full song ever written by John Lennon. According to Lennon, he drew on an old "Thirties or Forties song" that his mother sang to him. Written in 1957, it was used as one of the songs at the Beatles unsuccessful Decca audition in 1962. They recorded a home demo of it, with Stuart Sutcliffe on bass, which is available only on bootleg currently.

In 1963, the English Merseybeat band the Fourmost made a recording of the song in the Abbey Road Studios (produced by George Martin) and released it as their debut single. Two weeks later Gerry & The Pacemakers also recorded a version of the song, but the version by the Fourmost was selected for the issue and reached number 9 in the United Kingdom.

Albeit different than the previous version with Sutcliffe, the Beatles' version of the song can be found on Anthology 1, with John Lennon as the lead singer.

The Fourmost' version of this song is also on The Songs Lennon and McCartney Gave Away CD.

The song appears in the 2010 biopic Nowhere Boy in a scene showing Lennon singing it for McCartney while recording it on a small reel-to-reel tape recorder.

The Beatles - Hello Little Girl (Decca) (2011 Remaster)


I love this song, definitely would make my Top 10 list of favorite Beatles songs (if I could ever narrow the list to just 10).

The remix sounds fabulous, by the way!

Whenever I play Anthology 1, I always mention to my kids -- prompting eye rolls by now -- how awesome the Beatles could sound with just their voices and their instrument playing, none of the electronic enhancements of today.

I can't be more specific about why I adore this song so much....I just do.

Hate it. Sounds like a Hermans Hermits reject. Shallow song with no backbone. I don't want to sound too harsh because John was young and it was an early song, but I just don't like it.

Hello Goodbye:
Here's John's home demo...

Hello little girl / The Quarrymen

Paul's first song was I Lost My Little Girl...

Paul McCartney - I Lost My Little Girl (Demo)

I like both of these songs primarily for their historical significance.  We're fortunate these tapes exist.

I must admit to liking it, its one of the ones Brian had them start doing when he became manager, he thought they should sing theyre own compositions as that would make them unique amongst Liverpool bands

I think Love Of The Loved was another, so was I'll Be On My Way

Wonder why these songs never got Abbey Road recordings ?


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