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The album '1' has 27 No 1 hits, so which do you think is the best - your favourite !

Sadly mine wasn't included (I'll never understand why)  Please Please Me  :(

Here are the songs;

1)     Love Me Do   
2)     From Me to You   
3)     She Loves You   
4)     I Want to Hold Your Hand   
5)     Can't Buy Me Love   
6)     Hard Day's Night, A   
7)     I Feel Fine   
8)     Eight Days a Week   
9)     Ticket to Ride   
10)     Help!   
11)     Yesterday   
12)     Day Tripper   
13)     We Can Work It Out   
14)     Paperback Writer   
15)     Yellow Submarine   
16)     Eleanor Rigby   
17)     Penny Lane   
18)     All You Need Is Love   
19)     Hello Goodbye   
20)     Lady Madonna   
21)     Hey Jude   
22)     Get Back   
23)     Ballad of John and Yoko, The   
24)     Something   
25)     Come Together   
26)     Let It Be   
27)     Long and Winding Road, The 

Eleanor rigby

What a cruel question!

Ok I'll plump for We Can Work it Out. That great marriage of Paul verse and John bridge.


--- Quote from: blmeanie on February 24, 2014, 12:30:47 AM ---Eleanor rigby

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Hello Goodbye:
From a technical standpoint, Yesterday is the best song on that list of #1s.  Imagine how much better it would have been if Paul wrote it while he was awake!   ;D

My favorite, however, is We Can Work It Out.


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