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So, what are your thoughts on this explosive situation? Especially curious how the Russians on the forum think about this.

I see.

Sorry Bobber. I can only view this through the prism of the Beatles.

The Ukraine girls really knock me out
They leave the west behind.

Perhaps more prescient than anyone could guess.

I think what Russia are doing is perfectly understandable given the way the old president was ousted.

It's almost like a communist movement in Canada overthrowing their premier and saying that they would be seeking closer ties with other communist nations.

Would America just sit there and go....ok no problem. Go ahead. ?

It was coup d'etat. And now there is a huge information warfare.

In two words, East of Ukraine is mostly Russian. Crimea is 60% Russian, and Sevastopol is 80% Russian city. It is hardly to hear there Ukranian. Read history of Crimea, it is very interesting, and you will anderstand that this peninsula was never Ukranian.

My wife is from Donetsk. It is East of Ukraine. Though she is now a citizen of Russia, her parents and brother's family are Ukrainians. They are as most of the people in the East of Ukraine speak Russian and don't speak Ukrainian. The East of Ukraine is tightly connected with Russia by family ties, by work and business, by language. My father in law, for example, is Russian; he is from Rostov-on-Done, but he is a citizen of Ukraine. All my Ukrainian relatives support Russia, because they are afraid of nationalists and now in Ukraine bandits in power.

I can write a lot about it. And I'll do it, maybe, tomorrow  :)


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