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New Beatles mono vinyl box to be released this year

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Resnikoff confirms that a vinyl edition of the Beatles’ mono albums, released on CD in 2009, will be issued later this year on a date to be announced.

Hello Goodbye:
Yes, you know it's good news!

That's fine and dandy but, in the wake of the recent mono/stereo releases of the U.S. albums, I'd value much more a mono/stereo release of each of the U.K. albums on CD for a tenner each.
Others might like the current arrangement, but for me having a stereo box AND a mono box is unwieldy (I don't like box sets) and I'd much rather buy the releases over a period of time.
It would also have meant the campaign would have stretched over a wider period, rather than the one big splurge.

I voted with my feet in 2009 and am the proud owner of just one of the 2009 releases, 'The White Album', bizarrely picked up in an Oxfam three weeks after its release for £1!!!

And I am the proud owner of none of the 2009 releases. :)

Can I ask why not?
My own reason was because I could think of no earthly reason (apart from profit) why each LP couldn't have the mono and stereo versions on one disc.


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