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Wayne L.:
I think the posthumous live album John Lennon Live In NYC released in 86 is mostly mediocre which doesn't represent John at his finest as a solo artist since it's kind of a ragged live performance with Elephant's Memory even though there are few highlights like Come Together, New York City, Hound Dog & Well Well Well which is why Live Peace In Toronto is a helluva lot better, excluding Yoko's part, along with the live track Baby Please Don't Go(Well) with Frank Zappa on Sometime In NYC.

The End:
Unfortunately it was a very under-rehearsed concert, as is apparent by some of the messed up endings - Mother for example.

the heroin was good tho

[quote by=pc31,m=1080062203,s=2 date=1080093265]the heroin was good tho[/quote]

LOL! Yeah, if you want a better live album, try this-

This one was only done on lebanese

Beatle Ed:
Dang I completely agree. And I <3 john. He didn't sing 1/2 the songs correctly. which is painful for an avid beatle fan to listen to.


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