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A Day In The Life vs. Magical Mystery Tour

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I'm a John guy, but still prefer "Magical Mystery Tour" (in fact, both songs were collaborations between John and Paul). I have my own reasons to have to choose between these two songs. Don't ask me why.

Wow Hombre, your choice seriously surprises me. I love MMT and all, but A Day In The Life is just one of those can-move-mountains Beatles songs to me. Deserves all the praise it gets.

As 'Magical Mystery Tour' (the film) my opinion.....dated far better than 'Sgt. Pepper's' (the album), I'd go for 'Magical Mystery Tour'.
I can't imagine playing Sgt. Pepper's any time soon, but I'm sure I'll see MMT by the end of the year.

I recognize "A Day In The Life" as a masterpiece, but there's something I can't explain that I don't like about it.

The message of "Magical Mystery Tour" is more direct and simple, with a catchy chorus, inviting us not only to a special tour, but also to a new life.

In My Life:
Despite the comments, I see by the stats that I'm in the minority with my choice of "Magical Mystery Tour". For me it's no reflection on Sgt. Pepper that I didn't choose "A Day in the Life". I love the album and I think the song is mind-blowing as well. It's just that I prefer the overall feel of MMT. It lifts me up when I hear it while ADitL is a bit heavy and disconcerting at times. It hurts my ears a little too. LOL Of course Paul's part in the middle is light. I guess that's the part I like best. Also, it doesn't hurt that I love the "Magical Mystery Tour" movie so much. But even before I watched the movie this song was my favorite.


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