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64 Rickenbacker on Ebay Supposedly owned by John Lennon



So the story from Ebay says this:

After Lennon broke his Jet-glo 325, Rose-Morris must have jumped in quickly, because before Lennon could reach for his old 325, the British importer gave him this model, which they then began selling for £166 as the "Beatle-Backer."  He used it for the '64-'65 Christmas shows.

After that, it went back to John's house and then given to Ringo.

There is more info online to back this up. But supposedly, SUPPOSEDLY, Ringo was in possession of this guitar to this day. Or maybe until yesterday?

It's a very curious item.

In My Life:
It will be interesting to see what kind of an offer he ends up accepting.

Ok, I think I misread this description. I don't think the owner is claiming John Lennon owned it, it looks like he is stating it is the same model, not the same guitar.

So, false alarm, my bad.  Still, I agree, it would be interesting to see whta it goes for...

Hello Goodbye:
Right, Casbah.  The listing, however, is accurate for the history of this guitar and Rickenbacker's UK distributor. 


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