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The Beatles In The Lord Of The Rings

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I only noticed this thread just now. Is this an amazing coincidence? I just finished this comedy script which i'd posted on another thread.

"A Talent For Loving" was, by all accounts, the only proposed film project that came close to being realized. Imagine, the Beatles as cowboys in a race, vying for the grand prize of a rich woman. "Baby, you can ride my horse."

The script was written to have the Beatles as immigrants from Liverpool, thus allowing them to "keep" their accents. I wonder if the script included the line, "Smile when you say that, bloke."


--- Quote from: MandyBug on May 25, 2009, 03:37:31 AM ---Wonder who they had in mind for Merry and Pippin, lol.

--- End quote ---

Well, some possibilities might be Neil and Mal or Peter and Gordon. My choice would be Chad and Jeremy.


I always pictured Mick Jagger as Gollum.


This would have been kool! It would have been much better than the train wreck called Let it be. JMO.


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