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The Beatles In The Lord Of The Rings

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WOW! Thata interesting facts. Well You can't blame J.R.R Tolkien for nixing the idea. If the film version was made people would see because of The Beatles not the story and he didn't want that.

Wow...John as Gollum.

That'd rock. XDDD I can totally seem him doing the "my precioussssss..." lines.

George would be an incredibly sexy Gandalf. o_o;;; would be a crazy film. Double-histeria, Lord of the Rings...and the Beatles. Screaming fanpeople and fanpeople in cloaks. o_O

With the cloaks, and the Beatle 'dos, they'd look a bit like monks don't you think?

I am beyond glad this never happened.  John must have been hitting the pestle and mortar a bit hard when this idea came around.

A recipe for disaster if I ever saw one.
Much as I love The Beatles their "acting" makes Elvis look like Brando.
Thank god it never happened.


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