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Mr Mustard:
Sorry if this has been done before (couldn't find it despite a cursory scrawl through the archive) but all you have to do is put together a standard fourteen track album for the year 1963. All the tracks have to have either been first released in 1963 or else recorded in that year. Decide upon your running order and split the track listings into sides one and two, as if on vinyl.

It was a prolific year for the fabs so whittling the potential choices down to just fourteen tracks will be harder than you think, especially if you like the early stuff.

Here's mine:

1. Please Please Me
2. All I've Got To Do
3. From Me To You
4. All My Loving
5. She Loves You
6. Don't Bother Me
7. I'll Be On My Way

8. It Won't Be Long
9. This Boy
10.There's A Place
11.Not A Second Time
13.I Want To Hold Your Hand
14.Twist And Shout

Some agonising omissions there but I've tried to capture the flavour of their sound for that era and include a mixture of big hits, personal favourites, rockers, ballads, a cover version and something from each Beatle - but feel free to present your version however you like!

So much good stuff in that year. While I'd have liked to include Ringo or George tunes I'm afraid going through I couldn't put in Chains or Boys at the expense of the ones listed below.

Mine turns our pretty John heavy too.

I Saw Her Standing There
All My Loving
Please Please Me
From Me To You
There's A Place
Ask Me Why
Twist and Shout

She Loves You
All I've Got To Do
This Boy
Not A Second Time
Money (That's What I Want)
It Won't Be Long
I Want To Hold Your Hand

Side 1:

1. I Saw Her Standing There
2. Please Please Me
3. From Me To You
4. Thank You Girl
5. Do You Want To Know A Secret
6. There's A Place
7. Twist And Shout

Side 2:

1. She Loves You
2. It Won't Be Long
3. All I've Got To Do
4. All My Loving
5. I Wanna Be Your Man
6. Not A Second Time
7. I Want To Hold Your Hand


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