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John and Paul on cover of The Atlantic



I saw at an airport newsstand a copy of The Atlantic with John and Paul on the cover with a heading referring to "genius." Didn't have time to grab it, was rushing. I'm not sure North Dakota is sophisticated enough to have this stocked anywhere. I just did a Google search, including the magazine's website, and came up empty.

Has anyone seen or purchased this? I'm curious as to the specifics.

Hello Goodbye:

The Atlantic   July/August 2014

Here's the article:  The Power of Two


Thanks, Barry! That's strange; I was at the same site yesterday and did NOT see that cover, which is now clearly there. Hope our local Barnes & Noble has it.

Hello Goodbye:
The Atlantic website opens to their general site, Kathleen.  I clicked on MAGAZINE on the far right of the menu bar to get to the current edition.

The November issue of Mojo (no. 252) has a full-page advert for George's box set, a review of the box set, and an 8-page feature on George.

One thing I learnt was that George based his 'Wonderwall' score along the lines of Ravi Shankar's work on the brilliant BBC production of 'Alice In Wonderland' from '66.

One thing I had confirmed was that L.A. circa 1973/1974/1975 was truly hell on earth and George appears lucky to have got out alive. 


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