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The following headlines were featured today at The Strawberry Fields Forever Beatle Forum:

A fabber Christmas than promised!
The BBC radio special "A Beatles Christmas" aired today and it was a fabulous broadcast. But much to the surprise of listeners, the program had only partial resemblance to the information about the program given out in advance on the BBC's official website.

Beatles art on sale for $2.25m
A Sydney man is selling a rare piece of Beatles memorabilia for $2.25 million. The artwork features a 1969 cartoon of The Beatles posing as a barbershop quartet, signed by all four members

New web site stands up for American Beatles fans
When the Capitol Albums box set was first announced, many Beatles fans labeled them as echo-laden, unauthorized, money-grabbing rip-offs. But American Beatles fans who love the original American Beatles records stongly disagree, and now they have a voice on the internet.

What's in store for Capitol/EMI in the new year
So what might be in store... um, we should say in stores... in the New Year? This is what one reliable source told us is in the Capitol-EMI pipeline at the moment.

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