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What instrument(s) do you own?

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for those who play music,what kind of instrument(s) do you own, or wished you owned, or whatever...please post ;D

I really like guitars...there are many i wish I had... I own a electric guitar... red Gibson Les Paul, and a Yamaha acoustic... Thinking of getting a bass soon...probably a Violin bass or one like Roger Waters has...

An Apple Beatle:
Fender Precision, Ovation Acoustic, Viola (Epiphone) :B I am honest. lol. Warwick Corvette, Takemine acoustic.

Wish list.....Rickenbacker 4001, 325,Fender Jazz, Musicman bass, Real Hofner viola. Fender Telecaster, 335, any beatle guitar really. Oooh my own Fender Rhodes MK1 and a B3 Hammond...I think that covers it. ::) ;D

Well..being a student and all..Ive only got

Ventura Violin
Fender Squire P-Bass
Westfield Acoustic (pretty nice souding for a 100 pound one)

What I want  8)

RickenBacker 4001
Hofner 500/1

those are some nice guitars...:)

wish I had: :D

Epiphone E230TD (lennon), Gretsch Duo Jet (harrison), EVH Ernie Ball, EVH Striped 5150 Kramer, Hofner 500/1 1963 (macca)

I only have a Pearl Export ELX 5 piece and an old 10 piece double bass Rogers kit that is not in very good shape (its not even set up) right now. I did have a 5 piece Pearl MMX a couple years back that was really nice, but had to sell.

Wish list? I havent really thought about, but i'll be buying another kit in a couple years. This would probably do.

Yamaha Absolute Maple


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