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Hey all, new to the forum. Big Beatles fan. This question will sound extremely weird. Last summer, there was some dating show/movie on FOX Family (or ABC Family I guess now) channel. In the commercial for the movie, they used a Beatle song in the background. I'm really bad at identifying lyrics, so I can't give you a few words to help you identify the song. I guess I really really need someone who knows the show I'm talking about and recognizes the song used in the commercial. I'm sure I won't get any help since I'm really trying to find a needle in a haystack... but this is the best place to turn I guess.

Beatle Ed:
I'm not really sure. What Show was it? Was it like.. Temptation Island or something? Do you remember any little details about it? Anything would help.

No... it was some sort of movie about dating. It's so weird... I can remember what the ad looked like, I can remember the music, just can't think of the darn name.  >:(

On second thought, after poking around ABC Family's site, I'm pretty sure the ad was for the movie "See Jane Date."

Do you remember any parts of the song?


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