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Give Ireland Back To The Irish!

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I'm stuck on "Wildlife" for the moment (although I just got All Things Must Pass again, so it shares some airtime), I definately think this is the best tune off of the album. Anyone else dig it.

The End:
Paul's "Ireland" single wasn't actually on the original Wildlife LP, it's a bonus on the re-issued CD I think (is that right?) - Wildlife was quite a poor debut for Wings really (in my opinion anyway!).

it was released as a 45.probally cause paul didn't want the whole album banned.
america tends to ban political agendaized songs and drug related too.hi hi hi got the same treatment.tell me if i am wrong....

McCartney was being reviled from all sides as a result of his early solo stuff, and Wings' first effort really dragged him down. It has been proposed that Ireland was an attempt to be hip, and show everyone that he had the "proper" opinion about the English/Irish thing.

I don't think the song was even written at the time of Wild Life's release.

The BBC duly banned it in Britain from any airplay. However, Macca's credibility stayed very low. And his next single, Mary Had A Little Lamb, sunk it even lower. Some think he's never recovered!

I'm pretty sure its a bonus track as well, but i've never heard the song until I got the CD about a year ago. Actually, I can listen to pretty much any solo stuff that the boys put out, but yes,,,this was a poor effort over all. Regardless, I think that the song rocks pretty good for some reason.

I'm also pretty sure that Paul recovered from this album over time.  ;)


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