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i read the news today oh boy..........

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great up to the date news at the link.....

Thanks! Site has a lot of news! Very informative (but these stars on background :) )

I found "previously unseen pic of Paul at the Cavern Club, Liverpool 1968"

The End:
I booked up to go to Liverpool for the Convention today!!!!!!!!!!!!! YIPEEE!!!!!!!

dang i wish i could get paid for spreading cheer or bs...i'd be richer speading bull sh*t i bet.
i found this site particularly funny.note the title and the members of the first two bands.....

The End:
There's some great quality pics there PC - I especially love the colour pic of George, John, Paul and Dennis! I think Dennis was Paul's cousin - he tends to get cropped off in most copies of this pic though - I suppose not many people want to see a rather disinterested pot-bellied ginger bloke, drinking a pint of light ale, whilst entertained by John, Paul and George!!!!! LOL


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