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Ballroom BLitz

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I'm confused by this song.  I usually see it credited to the band Sweet, that I know nothing of, but I also see it credited to Blue Oyster Cult, which i like, but i cant find it on any of their albums.  Is this a BEC song, did BEC do it live?  help please

I dont think Ballroom Blitz was ever covered by 'BOC' (I cant find it anyways).

Sunny, not familiar with Sweet? We must get you acquainted then. I like Sweet a lot. They have some great tunes. 'Ballroom Blitz', 'Fox On The Run', 'Love Is Like Oxygen', and 'Little Willy' are some of their better known hits. I like 'White Mice', 'Stairway To The Stars', 'Burn On The Flame', etc,,,. They even did a cover of 'Paperback Writer' which aint bad. You should check them out.

will do.  I got this info from a friend, but he also had Stairway to the Stars as a BEC tune, so he's probably a bad source.  I'll check these guys out though.

didnt "crucial taunt" cover it..lol

the sweet were a glam rock band.....asimilar to wings,it no wonder tdk likes them.i also can appreciate them.....you for got blockbuster teakers........


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