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U2 is one of the most overrated rock bands.

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Wayne L.:
I think U2 is one of the most overrated rock groups in the history of rock & roll while the only reason they stood out during the 80's is because they weren't Motley Crue at the time which isn't saying a lot along with the fact that they're music is so called deep by comparison.  U2 does belong in the RNHOF because they're a great rock band but they're not as legendary or as influential as the Beatles, the Stones & the Who at all while frontman Bono is the most holier than thou & hypocritical rock star on the planet since he thinks he can save the world with other people's money instead of his own which is pathetic.  

I agree, to the extent that I think U2 are overrated.
Its bland, middle of the road nonsense, which doesn't grab your ears, so to speak.
Plus Bono really annoys me :)
The Edge..whats all that about

I actually like U2, but I agree that they dont belong on such a high pedistal.

wayne you have a hit son........i agree.bono should never have been allow to play with the legends of rockabilly at all.
cheers wayne-o.

this fecking group went over board on exposure.i thought bono was poor but he hobnobbs with the biggies.i think of them as the irish version of rem with all due respects to mike stipe....


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