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Who here likes Kansas? ;D

They're a good rock band.

Wayne L.:
I'm a huge fan of Kansas but I'm not a hardcore one while Carry On Wayward Son is their masterpiece.   BTW, I saw Kansas at the old Charlotte Coliseum in NC during my younger days with Heart.  

i love kansas

Kansas is one of my top five bands of all time. Seen them in concert over a dozen times and they are great everytime. They had a couple of stinkers in the 80's, but their 70's stuff and 90's stuff is incredible.

They're getting more airplay on Clear Channel these days.  I'm not really a fan.  But I have to admit that "Carry On" is one of the weirdest number one songs (I'm pretty sure it went no. 1).  It seems you don't get any lyrics for about 2 minutes into the song.  The guitar/bass/keys parts are really well built.  

The lead singer could also sing his ass off.  

"Dust in the Wind" is a great melody and remarkably nihilistic.  The critics probably would have loved it if Lou Reed had sung it.  Or Iggy Pop.


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