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Rocky Raccoon:
Anybody has any idea, or a theory, of what did John Lennon mean when he wrote I am the walrus, specifically in the lines that say "I am the eggman" and "I am the walrus". Is that supposed to mean anything at all?

It means, "Goo Goo G' joob!"  The answer is in the micro-space particles betwixt the linguistic symbols!


I don't understand the lyrics of the song, but all I know is that the song is awesome

The Walrus is from the Lewiss Caroll poem The Walrus and the Carpenter (in Alice in Wonderland).

The eggman is a bit more mysterious, but there is a notion it is about Eric Burdon of the Animals, who had a strange penchant for breaking eggs over groupie's bodies.

yeah i heard that too but you start as an egg too.maybe he was deeper........


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