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Peter, Paul, and Mary

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I'm not sure if this subjects been posted before, but how many of you like Peter, Paul, and Mary. Personally, I love them!

Lenny Pane:
ive only ever heard a handful of there songs.. but i remember years ago as a child.. my mother use to play there stuff .. dont ask me what, as it was many moons ago lol

In My Life:
PBS aired a documentary last year called "50 Years with Peter, Paul and Mary". I caught it tonight and it's wonderful.  The Beatles even made a brief appearance when the first picture below was shown. They were taken April 17, 1964 at Les Ambassadeurs club in London on a break from filming A Hard Day's Night.

Bingo Bongo:
I thought they only had 1 hit.  Paul's......  ;sorry


They were good performers, as well as important figures in the folk/protest scene.



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