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good music dvd's to own...

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what are your favorite music-related dvd's?

Beatles Anthology
Led Zeppelin: DVD (2 discs)
Paul McCartney: Back in the US
Pink Floyd Live in Pompeii
Lennon Legend: Best of John Lennon
Van Halen : Live Without A Net
The Wall film
The Wall Live in Berlin '90
The Who - The Kids are Alright
The Doors 1968: Live In Europe

only some of them...

The Beatles Anthology
The Beatles: The First U.S Visit
Ed Sullivan Presents the Beatles
Help/Hard Days Night/Yellow Sub/Magical Mystery Tour
Various other Beatles DVDs like Fun w/ the Fab Four
Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii (my most watched after Anthology)
Pink Floyd Pulse
Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett Story
The Kids Are Alright
The Who Thirty Years of Maximum R&B Live
The Who Live at the Isle of Wight
The Who Special Edition
Concert for George
Rolling Stone's Rock and Roll Circus
Classic Albums The Who: Who's Next and Pink Floyd: Dark Side
The Concert for New York
The Last Waltz
The Wall
The Doors Collection
Inside Pink Floyd:Critical Review I & II  (Not released yet but I WILL be getting it!)

Seems I spend most of my money on music related DVDs!!

I love music dvds. The best one is the Beatles Anthology of course!!

here's my collection, some are official releases and some are bootlegs

The Beatles - Anthology
The Beatles - Apple Rooftop Concert
The Beatles - Video Collection
The Beatles - Live at Budokan Japan 1966
The Beatles - Big Night Out
Paul McCartney - Back In The US 2002
Paul McCartney - Wingspan
Paul McCartney - Live at Glastonbury
George Harrison - Tribute (2 discs set)
Nirvana - Video Collection
Nirvana - With the Lights Out dvd
Nirvana - Live Leeds UK 1990
Nirvana - Live Paradiso Amsterdam 1991
Nirvana - Live, Tonight, Sold Out!
Nirvana - MTV Live and Loud 1993
Nirvana - MTV Unplugged in New York (uncut, 2 disc set)
Nirvana - The Legend
AC/DC - Live at Donnington
AC/DC - Bon Scott Live Era (77-80)
AC/DC - Brian Johnson Era (80-83)
Audioslave - Live Candem NJ 2003
Bon Jovi - Crush Tour 2000
Guns N Roses - Live New York Ritz 1988
Guns N Roses - Live St. Louis 1991 (riot show)
Guns N Roses - Live OKlahoma 1992
Guns N Roses - Use your Illusion I Tokyo
Guns N Roses - Use your Illusion II Tokyo
Guns N Roses - Live Buenos Aires Argentina 2003
Guns N Roses - Welcome to the Videos
Bad Religion - Live Germany 2004
Green Day - AOL sessions
Velvet Revolver - Live New York Ballroom
Velvet Revolver - Dirty Little Things
Santana - Live Tokyo 2000
Neutral Milk Hotel - 2 concerts
Pearl Jam - Live Canada 1991

The rooftop concert?? Is that a bootleg? I'm jealous.


--- Quote ---Seems I spend most of my money on music related DVDs!!
--- End quote ---

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