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Anyone know a good bass?

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I finally decided to start playing bass again, but my fender mustang seems to have damaged pick ups.

If anyone knows a good base $650 or under, can you tell me one.

I have long arms, big hands, and don't mind a heavy bass because I play standing most of the time.:)

well indica is DM's "Bass Man" :Dso he'd probably know some good stuff...:)
Or even the other musicians on this forum could be a great help, like Lenny pane, rickenbacker, Apple and more!
I dont know much with bass prices and all so my help wouldn't be very useful...sorry

theres lots of good basses

what kind were you wanting to purchase?

Lenny Pane:
you could probably get a rickenbacker 4001 on Ebay for about that price .. i would definately say go have a look ..im sure ive seen rick 4001 Bass's for under that price ...:)

i don't really wish for a rcikenbacker. it looks great, but it's probably mos suited for pick players. i play with fingers.

what am i looking for?
perhaps a fender, but i'm open to anything.


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