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The Who's 'Tommy' to Become Most Expensive Animated Film

The Who's celebrated rock-opera Tommy is to become the most expensive animated movie of all time.

'Grease' producer Robert Stigwood plans to turn the 1975 Pete Townshend movie into a $400 million cartoon, which will feature the voices of singers Robbie Williams and Bono.

Stigwood, 70, says, "Pete Townshend is right behind this."

"It will feature the biggest names in the music industry. The original movie costs $3-4 million but this will cost $300-400 million."

"If you are going to do it, you've got to do it right."

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How weird is this??? That's gonna be one of the weirdest cartoons ever.

Yeah its content isnt exactly family friendly.  I would hate to see this flop, stain the Who name further.  Isnt it going to be a Broadway thing too?

Yeah they did the Tommy on Broadway things years ago. I don't know if it's still running though. I wonder if it's gonna be a cartoon or computer animated. Weird either way. And the performers??? Bono? I don't know about that. What's he gonna be Tommy? Why can't they just use the Who!! That was the major problem in the movie version. The Wall is more watchable because they're doing their own songs.

Arhhgg i know, that woman (i ferget her name, anne or something) i couldnt take.  I didnt like the movie very much, whereas I really liked the Wall film.  Less flashy guest stars and more of the music that tells the story.

Ann-Margret. Horrible!! So was the guy who played her husband. The only good parts were Clapton and the Who doing they're own stuff. I can't remember any other good performers.


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