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Hello Goodbye:

--- Quote from: Kaleidoscope_Eyes on April 07, 2013, 08:23:06 AM ---Been rediscovering Dusty. I can listen to her version of Yesterday When I was Young forever...!

--- End quote ---

~ DUSTY SPRINGFIELD ~ Yesterday When I Was Young ~

She could sing everything well...

Dusty Springfield - Spooky

Hello Goodbye:
Let It Be

Let It Be - atles: Michael Province & Nathan Chan on Violin and Cello
String Duet   Michael Province and Nathan Chan

Quadrophenia, and it still blows me away even after all those listens.

Yesterday I listened to Tales From Topographic Oceans by Yes, a double album that immensely great imo. First listen in about 3 years, today Im listening to Heavy Weather by Weather Report, great band.

Sly and the Family Stone- Greatest Hits. Most of it is great! Some of it flops.


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