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Got this from another board.  VERY interesting :):

Did the Monkees try to imitate the Beatles?

Of course they did. Here's a cool QuickTime video you can download that may answer that question. It features the Beatles and the Monkees.

You'll need QuickTime to view it. Just right-click and save to your computer.


Someone stolen from other

But Neil Daimonds wrote this Song

Monkees was the Answer of The Beatles

The Monkees were deliberately made to ape (pun intended) the success of Hard Days Night and Help!. I was a kid in the sixties, and their excellent TV show meant that (for me at least) the Monkees had a far bigger impact than the Beatles (sad to say).
A string of great singles as well.
Steven Stills (of CSN&Y fame) actually auditioned, but was rejected because of his teeth! Wonder what would have happened to my God number  2, Neil Young, then!
If you get a chance check out Head, the soundtrack to their movie. They wrote and played on this one and it ain't half bad (movie had Jack Nicholson in it).


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