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Now i'm a MAXIMUM MEMBER. Horray for me.
Now i'm establishing myself as Lord of the Nubes.
Nubes bow down to you're master... :: pat gives evil laugh::

Okay so who want's to celebrate.
I got chips, dip, BBQ, fried chicken, potato salad, cole slaw, corn on the cob, hot dogs, hamburgers, soda, and Beer to eat and drink. for music I have Classic Rock, BEATLES (of corse) Simon & Garfuncle, Everly brothers, Kingston trio, Don Mclean's American Pie, America, and 80's mix. we can dance all night long. I also have a swimming pool and a hot tub. So let's PARTY.

Hay!!! You are the 1st max member, right?? ;) (clap)(bouncing1)(dance)




Actually, I think SSARAH has over 600 at the moment.

  Huh, sorry, I haven't checked it out...:o But anyway, every max member is welcome.  And BIG member..  ;) ;D and medium member. and baby member.  ::) Let's party.

The End is also a Max Member. I think he's got 700.


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