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The End:
There has been a great deal of debate surrounding just who sang the "aaaaaahhs" after Paul's line "somebody spoke and I went into a dream" from A Day In The Life. Well, Mr Charlie has sent me some evidence which, I believe, finally reveals the truth... it's Paul!

Now you can judge for yourselves - I've uploaded the two clips!! Please let me know what you think.

Ydoll Gwyn:
Quality is not tops, but I WAS surprised that it seemed fairly OK. Clear and not muddy like I sort-of expected. (I would have said this regardless of how it turned out. In matters such as this, I try to be objective as poss. FYI, I have a good computer with harman/kardon speakers attached.)

However, it's still an aural judgement.

For what it's worth - it sounds like John to me.

The End:

--- Quote from: Ydoll_Gwyn ---For what it's worth - it sounds like John to me.
--- End quote ---

Get some new speakers!!! ;D

For me , these uploads put it beyond any doubt that it's Paul.  

Ydoll Gwyn:
Aren't ears strange things!

I was prepared to eat humble pie on this, but when I heard the files, I knew it was John. That edge that is always present in the Lennon voice is clear to hear.

But thanks, of course to you and Charlie.

Ydoll Gwyn:
Late addendum: I must say that to my ears it is also clear on the CD and vinyl (mono & stereo).

Even later: My 17 year old daughter has a good ear for voices and accents (she's a great mimic), but she is no particular fan of her Dad's musical heroes. However, she thinks (based on the CD)

(a) John's voice is clear and dominant
(b) There may be another distinct voice there: she's not sure.


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