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A Day In The Life - The Truth At Last!

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--- Quote from: Ydoll_Gwyn ---For what it's worth - it sounds like John to me.
--- End quote ---

I agree...but if you compare "A Day in the Life" with the beginning of "Lovely Rita"...still strange though.


--- Quote from: Ydoll_Gwyn ---Quality is not tops, but I WAS surprised that it seemed fairly OK. Clear and not muddy like I sort-of expected. (I would have said this regardless of how it turned out. In matters such as this, I try to be objective as poss. FYI, I have a good computer with harman/kardon speakers attached.)

However, it's still an aural judgement.

For what it's worth - it sounds like John to me.
--- End quote ---

Of COURSE it does.  It's worth nothing, Rotman.

Because I don't believe you.  Only a congenital idiot such as yourself would not hear that it is Paul.  Therefore you lie.  But then, what's new?'re going to be disappointed that I don't have three coronaries because a liar can't hear or won't admit to the truth.

Whether you bought it or not is of no further concern to me, you were as predictable as I figured.  The others are free to listen and use their ears (were your headphones actually plugged into your ass? Yeah, that would figure too.)


--- Quote from: Ydoll_Gwyn ---Aren't ears strange things!

I was prepared to eat humble pie on this, but when I heard the files, I knew it was John. That edge that is always present in the Lennon voice is clear to hear.

But thanks, of course to you and Charlie.
--- End quote ---

You're welcome.  You're also severely lacking in any aural facutlies whatsoever.  You were never prepared to eat humble pie (how refreshing THAT might have been) and there was never any danger of you doing so.  As early as yesterday you were already preparing your escape hatch should I actually prove you wrong (which I did).

It is clearly NOT Lennon, therefore I think you should hop along to a doctor.

It is NOT a matter of it being whomever you choose to hear.  It was either John or it wasn't.  It wasn't.



--- Quote from: Ydoll_Gwyn ---Late addendum: I must say that to my ears it is also clear on the CD and vinyl (mono & stereo).

Even later: My 17 year old daughter has a good ear for voices and accents (she's a great mimic), but she is no particular fan of her Dad's musical heroes. However, she thinks (based on the CD)

(a) John's voice is clear and dominant
(b) There may be another distinct voice there: she's not sure.
--- End quote ---

Your daughters ears are entirely irrelevant.  

I didn't mention MY daughters ears because of the same thing.  She walked in the house as I was editing the clip, made some mention of what a dream boat he was , I asked who and she said Paul.  She has been a Beatle fan since she was 4, she's 22 now.

I'd stack my daughter's ears against yours any day but then your girl has had a bad enough life living with you.  She doesn't need further debasing.



--- Quote from: Soft_Guitar60 ---
I agree...but if you compare "A Day in the Life" with the beginning of "Lovely Rita"...still strange though.

--- End quote ---

Ydoll/Maria/Rotweiller is not looking nor reporting for truth.  This is, in their own words, a game.

And a severely badly played one on their part, as anyone can clearly hear it being Paul.

How big of an ass does one need to be to act like this?


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