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Anyone collect their vinyls?

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I have a few of their albums on records, they're really cool. I really enjoy the sound.. Does anyone else have any records from the Beatles? I only have a few but I want to get them all. Yet with a price of around $60 for a mediocre condition of Sgt. Pepper I don't think it will happen any time soon.

I dont have any Vinyl,, I wish i did though, too expensive

I see. There's a record store downtown but they sell pretty expensive stuff. I have Let it Be, Abbey Road, and The White Album.

Let it Be and Abbey Road were ok, but the White Album cost me $40 I think. Of course it is a two vinyl set and some of the Beatles best work though.

i have some...beatles and their solo career too, and other band too..
beatles i've good abbey road,white album, love songs, rubber soul and let it be...i bought love songs and abbey road, the rest my parents/family gave them to me..

white album cd cost around 32 dollars on amazon so i'd say it was a pretty good deal for it.


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