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SAD NEWS: Eric Griffiths - Quarryman

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The End:
I have just heard some very sad news - Eric Griffiths of the Quarrymen has passed away. I was lucky enough to see the Quarrymen play live a couple of years back and their show was really entertaining - laced with humour and good music. Eric played guitar for the Quarrymen from 1956 until 1958, with both John and Paul. He continued to play with the revived Quarrymen from 1997 to the end of 2004.

I saw him a few times at the Liverpool Beatles Convention and he always had a big smile on his face (except on stage where he looked very serious!) and was always really friendly to the fans. He will be greatly missed.

Eric - in his own words:

I was born in Denbigh, North Wales, on 31 October 1940 and lived in a small village near Denbigh until I was 4 years old when my family returned to Liverpool.

In Blue Hawaii:
Long Live The Quarrymen!

Was there any mention of what caused his passing?

The End:
More info on Quarryman Eric:

Eric Griffiths died on Saturday 29 January about 11am at his home in Edinburgh. After the Quarrymen

Thank you Alan. I appreciate the added info.


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