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Hi all, greetings,

I have some questions about Beatles song.
First of all, is their song in Your "Mother Should Know" one of their psychedelic songs? I know it's the psychedelic music era, but from the lyric of the song, it has a good nostalgia content.

Secondly, what is other Beatles reaction about this song ?



Beatle Ed:
I don't think "Your Mother should Know" Has any psychedelic content at all.   

I personally like this song. Its cute. Doesn't get much attention though. Its not a song I'd put any specific thought into listening too, like  maybe In my Life, or Strawberry fields. But if its on the cd, I'll listen to it.

I agree with Ed. I think it's a good soft song to listen to but not one to put much thought into. Just get into the mood. To quote the beatles...Turn off your mind relax and float down stream.

I always liked it and never thought it had any pyschedelic nature to it. Just one of those Mac tunes I suppose.

I've never heard any opinions of the song from any of the other members, so I cant really give you an answer.

I don't think this song is pyschedelic at all. I think it's a very old fashioned sounding song. It's not one of my all time favourites but I like it.


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