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When did you first hear of The Beatles? Was it through their films or maybe a track you heard on the radio? What makes their music so special to you? Can you remember what it was that suddenly made you think "wow"?

I can't remember exactly what age I was when I first heard of the Beatles. I do recall sitting watching a special on them with my parents when I was nine years old. I didn't start to listen to them until I was sixteen. My Social Studies class was doing a project on how things change over time and my friend and I chose to do music. I put together a compilation tape together of songs from the 50s to the 90s. I borrowed the Beatles "1962-1966" cassette from the library and I didn't even know what one song to put on my tape because there were so many that I liked. I finally chose "A Hard Day's Night" and "Yesterday". I got 100% on the tape :) I kept the Beatles cassette from the library for a while afterwards and made my own copy of  songs I liked. Then I was obsessed.

The End:
Great story Colleen :)

I MUST remember to write on my own threads!!!! I haven't written anything about Free As A Bird/Real Love yet! Stoopid boy! :)

My dad brought me into the world of the Beatles when he bought me 1. I was a oldies fan and i knew some Beatles songs from the radio but i wasn't really into them. My dad bought me 1 because he knea i liked oldies and he liked the Beatles and He thought I would to. And What do you know I did. I was inspired by there music. It was different from the traditional oldies. so I got more and more albums to learn more about them. Know i'm a massive fan and whant to know all i can.

Wayne L.:
I first became aware of the Beatles becoming a fan listening to them on the radio in the backseat of my parent's car when I was 5 years old way back in 69 even though I didn't know their history & their classic rock albums until 76 during Paul's US tour. 


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