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--- Quote from: nimrod on January 14, 2013, 03:09:55 AM ---He is, and Oz !

(Arsenal 0 Man City 2) sorry ;)

--- End quote ---
I know!!!! Grrrrrrr!!!! :(

Argh, the quoting doesn't work on my work laptop, but re: KE's post about Ringo coming to NZ... KE and I are going to see him! :D Just got tickets! Yay!  ;yes partypeople

Hello Goodbye:
Nice to see you again, Octie!  When are you and your sister going to see Ringo?

Nice to see you too, Hello Goodbye :) Hope you have been well :)
I really should come here more often!
We are going on Saturday 09 February -- got tickets and flights sorted (its in Auckland, so need to fly), now just need accommodation for the night. Really looking forward to it :)

Had a job interview today on my birthday and -- get this -- got an invitation for another interview this morning for early Feb! How's that for birthday luck? Woot woot!


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