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Just found out that one of my relatives, Mary Ann Meysenburg was the American Consulate in Paris, France at the time of Jim Morrison's death, signed his death certificate! Apparently she didn't even know who Jim was and just happened to be the one on duty that night. Somebody tried to swap with her because they wanted their name on Jim's death certificate but she stood her ground!

Where are you Kelley? Hope all is well!


--- Quote from: Bobber on March 15, 2013, 07:41:54 AM ---That's great news Joost. Congratulations!

--- End quote ---

Thanks! We started working on the new house yesterday and with a lot of help from both our parents and brothers we're already a couple of days ahead of our scedule.

Wow! So glad things are working out for you Joost!

I'm graduating high school tomorrow! - gonna post some pics if I end up looking at least half-decent in any of them. :)


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