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Guys, check this site out and click where indicated:

It's for a good cause,you'll need to click once a day and it costs nothing, so why not?

Spread the link too!!  :)

Thanks! That's great!! I'm telling as many people as possible and you can click A LOT of times a day

thanks a lot :)

and for all the people wondering how they make money out of "clicks" here's an explanation from the FAQ section of the website:

--- Quote ---Q1. Why doesn't the Association of Plastics Manufacturers in Europe (APME) just give WaterAid Euro 150,000 rather than getting people to click as a way of raising money?

As with any other organisation, APME works within budgetary constraints. Whilst the organisation does make charitable donations on behalf of the plastics industry , it can access greater funds if the work it supports also helps to promote the valuable role played by plastics in the modern world.

Encouraging people to 'click to give' via Aquaplastics therefore fulfils three important goals: raising awareness on the role of plastics in providing clean water and sanitation, promoting the work of WaterAid and generating much needed funds towards specific WaterAid projects in Malawi and Madagascar. 

--- End quote ---

The End:
Done! Remind me tomorrow :)

Remind me every day because I have a bad memory.


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