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Anderson Council:
Is this album any good?  I know David Gilmour is on it!! What do you think?

The End:
This is a blinding LP! Which means it's really good in my opinion!

This is Paul's version of John's "Rock 'n' Roll" LP, and he does an amzing job! God, how I would

I love it too! Besides Gilmour being on it, Ian Paice from Deep Purple fame is on the skins. I have the CD and the video of the show from the Cavern. I think I like Pauls version of Chuck Berrys "Brown Eyed Handsome Man" the best. Their all nice little rockers though.

run devil run is a great album because paul returns to the first musical style him and john mastered together.the non mccartney songs are what the influences were at the time to john and paul.the paul peices are him trying to master his is probally the best mccartney to come down the pike in sometime no matter what anyone named wayne i love it and listen to it alot.the carl perkins tune is a salute to one of his supposed to be the first tune mr blue suede shoes wrote. all of the threetles played with carl at one time or another.even john was influenced by carl.
run devil run is what paul should do.he should be a travlin mcmullberry.....him,tommys petty,that punk dylan,and eric
its a great album is all i'm saying

RDR is certainly one of Paul McCartney's better efforts. However, I think it's a little bit "second time around". I enjoyed (still do!) CHOBBA B CCCP quite a bit. I find RDR to be like the good sequel of an excellent movie, if you know what I mean.


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