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Ne one out there guitarist? Quite possibly the hardest thing that George ever came up with was the riff in And your bird can sing. hard stuff. I think Get back kicks ass and HeyJude is overated

Peace out

well you just keep trying bud

Beatle Ed:
Well alot of beatle songs are overrated. But mostly cus they've been rated by 9,000,000,000 people..

Hey....Yea I am a guitarist and you are 100% correct about that song.  I can't believe how hard it is to play that damn descending line.  I mean it is hard.....really hard!  Probably the toughest part to play out of all the Beatles songs.  I mean the tempo and timing on that b**** is crazy.  Funny thing is that if you don't play guitar you will have no idea what were talking about.


I'm a drummer, but i can hear the difficulty in that song. Alot of movement on the old axe.

***Hey Jude is not overrated and Get Back is one of the worst songs the Beatles ever did. Just my opinion, but mines the only one that really matters. (joking about the opinion, but not the songs)*** 


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