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--- Quote from: nimrod on October 25, 2012, 08:38:14 AM --- ha2ha

Theyre funny things those birds, when my wife works night shifts at the Hospital, some of the nurses have teak break around dawn on the back patio, the local Kuckie's come for breakfast with them and theyll eat practically anything and take it from your hand, they particularly like meat.......I once had a backyard aviary and one got in once and escaped with a budgie, it sat on next doors roof banging the poor bird on the roof tiles till it was dead then proceeded to eat it  :o

never seen so many yellow feathers

--- End quote ---
The two I saw in Georgia were showing off the mice they had for dinner. The keepers would hang dead ones in their tree and they would hold them for a while and make noises. When we turned to walk away they went nuts calling and shreiking. They like attention it seems.
It makes me haappy for my little flock of Junko's that just arrived from way north!

Hello Goodbye:
I'm beginning to like Kookaburras.  They've got attitude!

Kookaburra attack at Taronga Zoo, Sydney Australia

Here are a couple of pictures from last Oct.30th 30" snowstorm! My wife nancy is smiling so I figured we'd survive! Greta Bear loved that one!
Well see what this next storm brings!

It's time for me to post some pix too.  ha2ha

Me hugging a white horse:

Me riding the same horse bareback:

Canter on the black one:

Two girls with black mane:

In My Life:
Beautiful pictures Taxgirl! I love horses too, though I haven't ridden in a very long time. My daughter took lessons for many years and I enjoyed hanging out in the barn with the horses while I waited for her. They all had their own personalities that's for sure!


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