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Hi folks,

I just wanted to give everybody a heads up that on a site called

The End:
This site looks excellent - and the download is free! I have these tracks already, but I've certainly bookmarked it for the future!

Thanks :D

Looks, cool! Is it just bootlegs and stuff?

What a strange offering on a site devoted to unreleased Beatles. The Beatles' Anthology sets rendered the Sessions album (in most guises) redundant!

Here is a more interesting offering I came across recently: the "lost" Beatles single:

Sour Milk Sea is a great blend of George's Kinfauns demo and the George-produced Jackie Lomax recording. Basically it seems to be George's demo added to the Lomax recording with Lomax's vocals removed. Whoever did this mix has given us a great track!

Can You Take Me Back is the longest mix of this McCartney/Beatles ditty that I've heard. Very nicely done.

wow, that website is awesome, but I think some songs are the same as in the anthology, am I right?? I'm listening to 'Come and get it' and it sounds exactly like the anthology 3 version.

edit: they are definitely featured in the anthology albums (most of the songs) except for christmas time and a few others


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