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Yesterday I finished the Beatles anthology (cover to cover, every word). Has anyone else read it?

It was the best book I have ever read.

The End:
I must admit, I only got half way! :(  It makes my arm ache!

Shame on you.

The End:
[quote by=GOAT2G,m=1081887659,s=2 date=1081888626]Shame on you.[/quote]

I know! I promise to remove it from its shelf immediately! :(

Wayne L.:
I got The Beatles Anthology at a great low price shopping store for under $30 about a year ago & it's great for old Beatles fans like myself when I'm going to the bathroom & eating meals most of the time since I don't read the newspaper that much because of the internet & 24 hour cable news on FNC & CNN or crappy celebrity magazines like People. 


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