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Wayne L.:
Give me your personal review of George's solo albums Living In The Material World & Dark Horse released in 73/74 because I have to admit I haven't listened to these two classic rock albums yet from George even though I plan to when I get the chance.

Wayne, I must say I'm totally stunned you haven't heard these albums. I'll gladly give you a take on them.

Both of them are severely underrated these days. They have been branded by the establishment musical press as typical of George's preachiness at its worst. This is well overstated, and ignores the strengths of the albums.

LITMW has a feel totally different from All Things Must Pass: it's clear George is saying that he's moving on and evolving. Give Me Love is a nice song that a lot of people like, but the great tracks for me are Sue Me Sue You Blues, Who Can See It (wonderful love song), Be Here Now (exquisite guitar work), That Is All. I also like the title track (rocks along very well), and the often-maligned Try Some Buy Some (George and Phil wanted this to be a hit for Ronnie Spector. It wasn't, but George liked it: he removed Ronnie's vocal and added his own.) In fact, ALL the songs are first class!

Dark Horse has a couple of weak spots: the opening instrumental starts nowhere and stays there. Simply Shady and So Sad are terrific songs. Bye Bye Love is about Patti and "Old Clapper" (George changed the lyrics of the Everlys classic): most people say it's awfully self-indulgent, but I like it. Maya Love is a Billy Preston-driven piece of pure funk

Wayne L.:
I already know Sue Me Sue You Blues from LITMW is a trip which is self explanatory. 

[quote by=Wayne_L.,m=1081959838,s=0 date=1081959838]Give me your personal review of George's solo albums Living In The Material World & Dark Horse .. [/quote]

He hasn't mentioned my reviews, but I know deep down Wayne has read them and thanks me ...

Yes, I know this ...

Wayne L.:
You gave me a great review Maria of what I can look forward to when I listen To Living In The Material World & Dark Horse when I get the chance. Thank you. 


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