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My cover of Rocky Raccoon

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joan was quizzical:
Hi guys,

I hope it's ok that I'm posting this here. I've posted a cover of Rocky Raccoon on the net, and was hoping to get some feedback, or just share if you're interested.  :)  Please note, it's not 'professional' by any means, I just record in my room.

I'm considering this a sort of rough draft... it feels kind of bare. So if you think I should do anything different, or add stuff, then by all means please let me hear your ideas. Guitar people here? I could use some tips for that, too. Go nuts!


Thanks, guys!
~ missy

I listened to both Rocky Racoon ans Across the Universe, They were VERY GOOD! Do you play out with a group or alone? What kind of guitar do you play? You could fatten it up by adding a acoustic bass. Otherwise, leave'em alone. I like the sound you got. 8)

manon, i never knew you did songs. do you play gigs or is it a hobby?

regarding 'rocky racoon' and 'across the universe'- WOW! Nice work and keep on doing what you're doing. I'd love to hear more sutff from you.

I ain't much of a guitar wiz so I'll leave it to ric or someone else.

Very very good.
I really like your voice.
Sounds very proffesional for bedroom stuff.

joan was quizzical:
Thanks, guys!

I generally play alone, and I have an acoustic electric Washburn EA18 (that I lovingly call Captain Washburn). I actually thought about adding some sort of bassline, so I just might. I also wish I had a harmonica in the key of C! ;D

~ missy


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