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George Harrison's first girlfriend has boosted the late Beatle's reputation as a ladies' man by revealing she still treasures her first kiss with him.

Iris Caldwell realised years later that Harrison was perhaps only dating her in a bid to get into her brother's band, Rory Storm & The Hurricanes - but she still recalls the romance with great fondness, and had her first kiss with the sensitive guitarist.

In new documentary Beatles Stories, she reveals, "He was really into me, or so I thought. But I think the main reason he was 'cos he was trying to get in my brother's group. My brother was saying, 'Sorry son, come back in a few years time when you can play a bit more.'"

But she and Harrison had one magical night at the opening night of her brother's Liverpool skiffle club The Morgue, where she landed a job as a cloakroom assistant - and Harrison turned up to help her.

The young couple watched the band that was to become The Beatles and then Caldwell's brother took to the stage and poked fun at his little sister's stuffed bra.

She recalls, "I just ran out the place in absolute hysterics... and I could hear these footsteps behind me... and all of a sudden they caught up with me and (the person) turned me round and it was George - and that was our first kiss.

"That was the best kiss ever in my life, and, to this day, I remember that feeling in my tummy. Nobody ever kissed me like that; it was beautiful."


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