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Here Comes The Sun for Bb clarinet?


Anyone have some sheet music I could get of Here Comes the Sun on Bb clarinet?

Also, other songs if possible wouldn't go unappreciated.

Thanks a lot.

The actually music or just like the vocal part?


Well I guess you could transcribe from the guitar part, but I doubt it would sound any good and plus you wont play more then one note on a woodwind, so no chords, so you would just be playing like the intro riff.

I'll try to transpose and see what I get, but youre probably better of just playing the vocal part.

Well...I figured there could be problems...

But anything is useful...I love the song a lot but I don't have a guitar...I might try to get one though, and someday I'll start learning it.  And then my name will put the Hendrix and Pages alike to shame.

But hey, until then...maybe I'll just put the Goodmans to shame.


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