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Beatle Ed:
Ok.. So this is a DUAL post cus I have two points to make and seeing as the Good Dr, sees fit to pickin when people post random useless posts.. I.. Yeah..

ok so #1..
I made a comment in a post about the "wonsaponatime" release, that came out just after the Lennon anthologies. Well that inspired me to listen to it on the way to work. And let me tell you, its been a few years since I listened to it, and tonight it gave me chills. The version of "working class hero" "god" and "imagine" are just awesome. Of course it does have a few ear bleeders, in Johns "redo rock and roll classics" phase, but I just loved this.. And then I was done in.. I listened to "real love" near the end, and I swear the hair on the back of my neck stood on end. It was so amazing. I'd forgotten. It was so clean and Beautiful. It made me want to just cry :'(.  So my topic here is, DOes anyone else have this "Seemingly useless" But utterly amazing compilation? And if so what do you think of it?

#2  I was listening to "working class hero" in the same breath as all of the above was going on. And I was wondering seeing as I wasn't around back then, and have never really bothered to find out. How was this song received? DId it get any radio time at all? Does anyone know?

The End:
Hi Beatle Ed!

I have the John Lennon anthology box-set - I THINK Wonsaponatime is a compilation of that. I love that early version of Imagine - the one with the harmonium, right? You have inspired me to grab it off the shelf and give it a spin - I haven't played it for ages either!

I remember on my copy there is a spoken word section where John absolutely rips into Bob Dylan and parodies one of his songs, You've Gotta Serve Somebody. John's version is called Serve Yourself - it's quite bitter as I recall. I wonder what transpired between those two to make John record that.

Anyway, getting to your second point... I dunno! LOL. I'm not sure what the press reaction was to an ex-Beatle using the F word. I know the album was REALLY well recieved, and not just because it was John's first solo album containing music! His first three albums were avant garde collaborations with Yoko (Two Virgins, Life With The Lions and The Wedding Album).

I'll try to look it up and post it later... that is if no one else has answered your query :D

Beatle Ed:
Oooh I love the song "serve yourself" Its just John strumming rather eagerly and singing in a very........ p*ssy tone. lol But I love it.

I didn't know if there was maybe a radio version of Working class hero without the cursing in it? I just love that song.

The End:
[quote by=Beatle_Ed,m=1082013925,s=2 date=1082112057]I didn't know if there was maybe a radio version of Working class hero without the cursing in it? I just love that song. [/quote]

The radio version I've heard has the swear word played backwards! So it goes:

"You're still gnikcuf peasants as far as I can see..."

It sounds a bit weird, but it's better than bleeping out the word I suppose!


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